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New hosting, new results, new site language

06 May 2013

It's been over a year and a half since we last posted, and while we've been working on other projects, we're pleased to announce that, since we started, we've had over two million completed vocabulary surveys from around the world! (As of this exact moment, it's 2,196,128.)

And so we have some announcements to make:

  • New hosting. We've had problems where the site was inaccessible for hours or even days at a time. We've moved our hosting onto Amazon Web Services, joining the likes of Netflix and Zynga. We've installed monitoring tools as well, so we should be able to respond faster to outages.

  • New results. With all the new data, we've decided it's finally time to add new analysis. Stay tuned, we've got a few new posts coming in the next few days.

  • Now in Portuguese! To better capture results from foreign learners of English, particularly at the lower end, we've introduced a version of the site in Portuguese for Brazilians, one of the largest EFL markets in the world. It still tests English vocabulary, but all the instructions and survey questions are in Portuguese. (If you're Brazilian and want to help us translate the FAQ or nitty-gritty details page, please get in touch!)